Ducting & Insulation

Trips has experienced ducting team who provide Turnkey Ducting system solution to our customer. We provide ducting Insulation from Armaflex by Armacell & Thermobreak from Sekisui maintaining international standard.

ARMAFLEX by Armacell

Armaflex Duct is manufactured from closed-cell elastomeric NITRILE RUBBER foam to provide long-term thermal efficiency. The structure of this foam limits the entry of water vapour to prevent changes in thermal conductivity.
With applications of low-temperature insulation material, there is a danger that moisture will penetrate into the insulation. Moisture penetration is an important concern as it reduces the insulation performance significantly since water conducts heat approximately 20-times better than static air (λair≈ 0.025 W/(m.K), λwater≈0.6 W/(m.K)). A change in insulation performance not only leads to energy loss, but may mean the insulation thickness determined in the dry state is no longer sufficient. This, in turn, may result in condensation forming on the insulation surface.
Armaflex closed-cell foam is resistant to the internal penetration of moisture. This is an important advantage compared to open cell material (for example, fibre- based products), and also to materials that rely on vapour barriers that are easily damaged or incompletely sealed. With Armaflex Duct, the system’s long-term performance is protected by prevention of moisture penetration.

• Excellent fire and mechanical resistance Washable surface to support hygiene maintenance
• Non-wicking to reduce water presence in system and insulation High flexibility for ease of fitting
Fibre-free to prevent potential air-quality problems
• Closed-cell insulation to provide a continuous barrier to water vapour Low thermal conductivity for effective energy saving and CO2 reduction Genuine Armaflex performance

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Thermobreak by SEKISUI

Thermobreak® is the leading and most innovative polyolefin foam thermal insulation available to the HVAC and Building industry worldwide. Thermobreak’s® performance is unsurpassed. Developed in Australia over 30 years ago, Thermobreak® is manufactured using our proprietary physically crosslinked closed cell polyolefin foam technology, invented and commercialized by the Sekisui Chemical group in Japan. Laminated with reinforced foil and adhesive backing, Thermobreak® is widely recognised as the global leader in polyolefin insulation. Thermobreak insulation is manufactured to ASTM C1427 Standard. Thermobreak® is supplied with factory applied reinforced aluminium foil facing and repositionable acrylic tissue adhesive system. Our materials are of the highest quality ensuring longevity and continuous energy savings.

• Thicker, reinforced aluminium foil vapour barrier provides additional physical protection to the insulation and at the same time reduces heat flow thus providing additional energy savings.
• Thermobreak® is the only material that uses tissue interlayer based acrylic adhesive system. Unlike conventional direct coated adhesives, our system ensures that the adhesive provides 100% coverage on the duct surface and on the foam insulation.
• This feature also provides the additional benefit of repositionability, an essential requirement during installation. The insulation can be lifted off the duct numerous times during alignment without tearing the insulation.
• Closed cell structure with almost zero water absorption.
• 10-year manufacturer warranty.

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